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'ARC Angel'
My Mame Cabinet Project


Here are the details of my Mame cabinet project.........I am trying to make this as inexpensive as possible (while not looking like hell when I'm done!)


The cabinet: Dragons Lair

Now some people on the 'net get all bent out of shape when you use an existing cabinet for a project like this rather than restoring the game to its original glory. Here are the reasons I chose this case:

1. Price: Free. See intro above.
2. Mystique. I know this was in an arcade for years.....someone even scratched thier name (softly) into the side...(Reese, you out there?)...
3. Destination: No doubt about was heading to the dump. The sides were chipped up, the control panel looks like hell.....missing coin door, missing marquee...inside gutted except for the power supply...


Original condition

Starting work

Add ons